Mini App Critique: Instagram (Android)

Instagram has a very diverse user demographics

  • Content creators or social media influencers, such as lifestyle/cooking/photography bloggers, fashion brands, etc.
  • Individual celebrities who want to share their updates or just interact with fans and other celebrities.
  • Ordinary users: these users are viewers than creators. For example, view design posts for inspiration, share personal life moments with friends.

How Instagram accommodate various user purposes and usage patterns?

1. Identify typical user patterns and usage behaviors

2. From Photo to Story: more sharing possibilities

3. I’m a content creator, but I also want to socialize with my friends? — Close Friends option.

How Instagram use design tricks to engage users and make money?

1. Users never run out of posts.

2. The stories could be played for over 5 minutes.

3. Carefully organize the content to engage users

How Instagram encourage high-quality content from users?

1. Professional account option

2. Ever-changing story filters & stickers

3. Using tags to form communities




Product Designer

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Jessie Lyu

Jessie Lyu

Product Designer

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