Whiteboard Exercise_2: Cat Fostering

Step 1. Understand the problem

  • Q: What are the current problems for cat owners to find fostering families? A: If I’m going to be away for a few days, I need to send my cat to my friends’ places. However, my friends might not always be available. Otherwise, I have to send my cat to a pet hotel which is very pricy and not trustworthy.
  • Q: What are the goals of this product? A: I want to have a place for cat owners to easily find trustworthy caretakers.

Step 2: Understand the user & context

  • Q: What kind of users? A: Anyone who have to send his/her cats to someone else, and anyone who loves cats and wants to take care of cats.
  • Q: Can I assume that the fostering is temporary, and the owner to take the cat once he/she backs to the area? A: Yes.
  • Q: Is it free or paid? A: I would think that people would want to voluntarily do this, so it should be free.

Step 3: Let’s walk through a user story

  • Q: There are two types of users: cat owner and caretaker, and I think they will have different portals since they have different goals. Can I start by constructing the story and flow of a cat owner? A: Sure.
  • Q: Considering the use cases, I think this product should be both website and mobile. Since people might want to sit in front of a computer to find and chat with caretakers, or might want to check their cats’ status with caretakers on the go. A: I agree. For the MVP, maybe we could go with a responsive web version.
  • Q: For this story walkthrough, let’s first focus on the cat owner’s use case of finding a trustworthy caretaker from the platform, and make a fostering agreement. Let’s also narrow down the device to a desktop web. What do you think? A: Sure, go ahead.
  1. Onboarding (owner profile + cat profile)
  2. Browse for available caretakers in the area (filter)
  3. Choose one to view more details
  4. Pick the date
  5. Start a conversation
  6. Mutual agreement
  7. Get caretaker contact info and address. Schedule a sending time.
  8. Done!

Step 4: Sketch out the main screens

  • Q: Since onboarding is needed for new users, do you want me to draw onboarding screens as well? A: Let’s assume that the user has already finished the onboarding and created profiles for both the owner and the cat.
Software: Miro

Step 5: Summarization and evaluation




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Jessie Lyu

Jessie Lyu

Product Designer

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